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I’m on YouTube! Finally, I have uploaded my first ever video to YouTube and Facebook! It’s an introduction to my YouTube channel, and wow, it did take a lot of work to create, shoot, and edit. I’ve created some videos for my other blog before but those didn’t really have structure and planning. I just took video clips, put them together, then post.

In an effort to put a face behind the blog, it has been my goal to create videos for this website. That way, I can reach out to my readers more, and make the engagement more personal. It’s not easy for me especially that I’m not really used to being the focus or the center of attention. It’s even ironic because my career for the past seven years involves training and public speaking, so you’d think I’m very used to talking with an audience.

But no, talking in front of a camera, and putting myself out there for social media to see can be quite overwhelming! I’m very determined to work on this website though, and share more valuable stories and tips to you. This is why I decided to venture into creating videos. I hope I am able to reach a wider audience, and be able to share my experiences. Hopefully, I’ll be able to provide an impact, no matter how small, to even just one person out there who needs motivation, inspiration, or help.

I’m excited to shoot and create more! Video collaborations are also underway. Hope you’re as excited as I am! 😉 It’s gonna be a lot of hard work, but with your support, I’m going to do my best to make valuable and fun blog posts and videos.

Here’s my first YouTube video. To be updated, please like & subscribe to my channel –, or follow my Facebook page. Thank you so much! I’m not going to make this post long anymore. Happy 2018! ♥

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