CALL SAMPLE SCRIPT: Bank Customer Service

This is a call sample script for Bank Customer Service. Please note that this is only a sample script. The resolution or steps provided here may or may not be applicable to your account.


Agent: Thanks for calling Grand Number One, this is Selena. May I have your name?

Customer: This is Rebecca Portman.

Agent: Hello Ms. Portman. How can I provide you with excellent service today?

Customer: Yes, I just lost my debit card one hour ago. I tried looking for it but I couldn’t so I thought I’d let you know.

Agent: Ohh, I’m terribly sorry to hear that but rest assured I’ll be here to make sure everything’s well taken care of.

Customer: Thank you.

Agent: To pull up your account, can I please have your account number or debit card number?

Customer: Can’t memorize my card number though, but my account number is 1234789456.

Agent: Thank you. And for additional security, can I also have your birthdate and residential address, please?

Customer: July 25, 1985. Unit 888, Silver Lane Avenue, New York, New York 10012

Agent: Thank you so much. Appreciate it. I already have your account information here. Let me check your transactions real quick. I see that the last transaction made was using your debit card at Target for $179.54. This just posted today. Is this valid?

Customer: Oh yes, that’s mine. I did that yesterday and just posted recently.

Agent: Great, your debit card is safe, no unauthorized transactions so I’m quickly closing it now and tag it as lost. Would you like a replacement over the phone? It’s free of charge.

Customer: Sure. How long will it take?

Agent: It will be delivered in 10 business days. And while you’re waiting for your new card, you may go to any branch to do an over the counter withdrawal, just bring 2 valid IDs.

Customer: Alright, that’s fair enough.

Agent: Just a couple reminders Ms. Portman. Your new debit card will have a new card number but the account number and PIN will remain the same. Just call us right away once you receive it so that we can activate it for you. Everything’s good, the replacement has been processed. Have I addressed all your concerns?

Customer: Yes, yes you did. Thanks so much for your help.

Agent: My pleasure and thank you for calling Grand Number One. Enjoy the rest of your day.


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