Back to Work? Here’s How to Get Over The Rest Day Hangover

Now when I say rest day hangover, it’s not necessarily the hangover from drinking and partying your heart out during your rest days. It can be about whatever you did over the course of those two precious days that are so hard to let go of.

Understandably, weekends may not be Saturdays and Sundays for some of you. Working in a call center means you have to be flexible when it comes to your work schedule. Your weekends may be Tuesdays or Thursdays, or can be any day of the week! But no matter what your rest days are, going back to work can be manic.

For one, you need to adjust your sleep schedule again if you haven’t been following it religiously. It’s either you overslept or you didn’t sleep at all. Another thing is that it’s just so hard to let go of the fun times during weekend or rest days. Unless you have very strong motivation to go to work, sometimes you are tempted to call-in and predict that you’re gonna be sick. LOL

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I was so lucky to have a Sat-Sun RD as soon as I started training so it wasn’t really a big weekend adjustment for me. I can only count the number of times that I had to work on a weekend. Nonetheless, going back to work after the weekend is something that doesn’t go easy all the time.

But I realized I couldn’t live my life complaining every single time the weekend was over. Even until now that I work from home, I still follow these tips. I have to learn to incorporate Mondays into my lifestyle, or in your case, the first work day after your rest day.

Wanna know how to manage your rest day hangover? Here are the things that worked for me that may work for you too! 🙂

1. Mindset. Mindset. Mindset

They say that the only difference between a good and a bad day is your attitude.

I agree. It’s simple enough to understand. If you let your negative mindset control your feelings, you tend to get lazy after rest days. Sometimes, even when it isn’t back to work yet, you are already blaming the work week for approaching so fast or the rest days for ending too soon.

You can turn your perspective around! Set your mind and let the work week be a chance to start a brand new week and correct whatever mistakes you had the week before. A positive mindset and can-do attitude will go a long way. When you think that “it’s going to be a good day or week”, it’s going to attract positive vibrations, and help make your day brighter.

So approach the work week with a smile, and think that it’s just five more days until rest days! Yes!


2. Schedule an exciting activity on a work day.

To break the rest day hangover curse, why not schedule your favorite activity on a work day? Perhaps that will get you more excited to start the week right. You can make Monday your Ice Cream Day, Tuesday your Hang Out with the Besties Day, or maybe Wednesday your Work Out Day, Thursday your Food Trip Day, or Friday your Window Shopping Day. You choose!

It’s cool to have something to look forward to. Your activity doesn’t even have to be grand. Keep it simple and cheap, and something that won’t take too much of your time. Remember, the goal is to keep yourself excited, not to make yourself exhausted. You don’t wanna be late for work, or miss it!

rest day

3. Remind yourself of your goals.

Whether it’s a big or a small goal, you have to start working on it, right? When you are frequently reminded of why you’re working, why you’re living, why you’re waking up each day, it makes you celebrate the start of the week and do your best to make things right.

This is one of my best practices. I  always go back to the reasons I’m working in the first place. If you have no real motivation or goal, you tend to get directionless and you easily get sidetracked. You have to know what you want. I’m not even saying you have to figure out your whole life already. Just think of the things that keep you going.

I mean, thinking about life in general is enough to keep me going. Make it more specific – you want to save up for something, you want to travel, you have a family to feed, you want to go back to school someday, you want to do a house-makeover. Think about it.


4. Post “good vibes” notes around the house.

Write or scribble positive thoughts or notes on post-its or pieces of paper, then post them on your desk, door, wall, journal or diary, bathroom mirror, your phone screen – name it! Spread the work week love and pretty soon, your rest day hangover fades away.

I do this quite a lot! Notes to self remind me that everyday is another day or a chance to make things right, or to continue the good that I’ve started.

Make someone else smile too by leaving a happy note to him or her. It could be your roommate or board mate, your co-worker, your special someone, or anyone in the family. It can also help brighten someone’s day, and when you know you make someone smile, it makes you smile too!

PS: Let the person know it’s you! You don’t wanna come off creepy or something like that. 😀

rest day


5. Prepare your things the night before.

It’s easy to doze off on a Sunday night or the night before work while watching your favorite TV shows or movies, or while chilling out. The thing is, when you don’t prepare your stuff at least a day before work week, that’s when you start to panic especially when you have to be up early.

If you are indeed nursing a legit hangover from partying the rest days away, go get a full bath shower and drinks lots of water. 😀

In my case, I always had the whole Monday morning to prepare. If you’re working during the day, you’ve got to prepare everything the night before to give you peace of mind the next day. Yep whether it’s for you, for the husband, or for the kids.

I don’t know with you, but for me, having everything prepared from my work clothes to my meals, and my bag keeps me sane. It also helps me sleep well! Ahhh good sleep – I always say this is the number one thing that starts the week right. Sleep well, alright?


So are you ready to beat the rest day hangover? It may be easier said than done; okay point taken. But hey, you’ve got to try! Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in life’s unending deferral, and you wouldn’t want that! Good luck ninja, you can make it happen!


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