Good Sleep Routine: 5 Smart Things to Do Before Bedtime

When you’re struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, a good sleep routine before bedtime is one of the habits you need. You might have already heard or read a lot of tips on how to make sleeping easier for you. Some are lucky enough to have followed tips that work for them while others need a little more effort. The truth is, all those tips may be easier than done. But hey, what gives? You gotta try what you gotta try just to achieve that much-needed shut-eye. Right?

Sometimes you need to dig deeper into your situation and realize that your lifestyle must be one of the biggest reasons you are losing sleep. It’s crazy how simple things tend to be left unnoticed. Check out these 5 smart things to do before sleeping.


1. Avoid heated arguments with your partner before bedtime.

Is it becoming a habit? Then it could be the reason you’re not getting enough sleep at all. When you keep on having heated arguments with your partner before bedtime, you will likely feel too emotional and distracted to fall asleep.

If there is something you need to speak about with your partner/spouse, it might be much better to set aside a particular time during the day to discuss your issues. Talking about sensitive things before bedtime only triggers your emotions, so instead of sleeping after the argument, you spend the entire night thinking about it.

2. Consider getting a new bed space for your pet/s.

Yes, those furry friends are so cute and cuddly, we all know that. But when you’re having a hard time sleeping because of allergies or too much pet hair, or perhaps because of a needy pet – consider getting a new space for your pet/s. Of course, this boils down to your personal choice as there are some people who feel safer and at ease when sleeping with pets.

But then again, when your pets cause you to lose sleep, think of alternatives for them to sleep safely without them disrupting your sleep.

3. Take a warm bath.

Hop into that bathtub with warm water and some lavender scent around to help you wind down for the day. No bathtub just like me? LOL. A warm shower will do too! Warm water soothes and calms your body, signaling it that it’s time to sleep.

Keep your bath time short and sweet! Remember that your goal is to fall asleep quickly and not to stay alert and active.

4. Never forget the basic hygiene!

This is super simple but tends to get unnoticed or “taken for granted” sometimes because you’re too tired from work or too lazy to even change your clothes. It happens. I’ve fallen asleep too many times with my work clothes and makeup on, plus my bag wrapped around my arm. 😀 Sheesh, my bad. But don’t let it hinder a good night’s rest (still a good night for us ninjas even though it’s daytime).

Just in case you forget – wash up, remove your makeup, brush your teeth, and change your clothes. It’s bedtime! There’s nothing more refreshing than a clean face and body, and a clean set of clothes too. Make these things your habit before bedtime and you’re on your way to a relaxing night of slumber.


5. Keep a journal.

No, you don’t have to be a writer to keep a journal. It’s quite common that you think of your problems and worries once the day ends or when you are about to sleep. I believe that this isn’t healthy at all because you tend to think about your worries the entire night instead of sleeping.

Just like what I mentioned in the first item (avoid heated arguments with your partner), it’s highly advised to set aside a time to think of your worries. When your mind is racing during bedtime, expect a very disturbed night with poor sleep. This is where your journal comes in. It can be any notebook or notepad. Don’t use the notes app on your phone (the LED from your mobile device won’t help you in falling asleep).


Just write your thoughts. There are no rules; just write. Write your worries, your distractions, or what you think you can do about those distractions. Note down how you feel. You don’t even have to come up with a concrete plan on how to solve your problems. What’s important is you lay down your worries and keep them behind. And then you can tell yourself; it’s time to sleep.

The next day you can go back to your journal and tackle your issues when you have a sound mind because of a good night’s sleep.

Sounds easy? No? Well, these tips are worth doing. They’re pretty basic and won’t cost you a dime. Remember to prioritize yourself and your health. Get a good night’s rest! Your body will thank you. ♥

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