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So you decided to finally join the call center world? Great! Wait, what? Are you still hesitant? Why? Because you think you can’t commit to the nocturnal lifestyle? Or think you can’t survive? Or perhaps you’re not even sure if you’ll get hired in the first place?

Or maybe you’ve been working in a call center for quite a few years, but you want to be more motivated, or to alleviate the stress that comes with working? It’s okay, perhaps you’re here just to look for resources or have something to read during your downtime.

Don’t fret. Since you’re here, consider me your survival bestie or your accountability partner from now on. We’ll navigate your call center journey together. I don’t want to be overpromising though, so what I can say is that it’s not going to be easy when you are starting but with practice and the right mindset, it gets better each time. You never know – this job might just pave the way to your biggest dream in life. Yes, it’s possible!


I started as a call center agent in a customer service account or program, became a peer coach or a subject matter expert in less than a year, and eventually became a lead trainer in the same company and account. It’s a long story, but life-changing in a good way. If you’re in for some reading, you can check Chapter 1 of My Call Center Story.

I’ve already said quite a lot, but you most likely don’t know who I am. Well, here it is. I’m Rea Alducente a.k.a Call Center Ninja. I’m currently working as a home-based freelance content creator and customer service specialist, but I’m definitely no stranger to the call center lifestyle. In fact, I’ve worked in one of the biggest call centers in Cebu for nearly seven years.

If you answered yes to at least of one my questions above, then you’ve come to the right place. Call center virgin? Graveyard shift? Relocated? No sleep? Tingbits? Hung-over and crawling in your skin? One-day millionaire? DSAT? OTBS? OTAS? Been there, done that. Yes, we have a connection!

Despite my years of experience working in a call center, I do not claim to know everything there is to know about call centers and its lifestyle. I’ve only been to one call center in my life, although it was acquired twice. I am not claiming to be the best but I’m happy to tell you that I have achieved very satisfactory results, and one of them was surviving the call center lifestyle.

Just because I no longer work in an actual call center doesn’t mean I didn’t survive. I’ll be bold to say that I survived. Happy and no bad blood. It’s just that my priorities changed eventually so I chose to explore work-from-home jobs after almost seven years of being in the corporate office. Side note: I still do BPO and customer service tasks even though I work from home. You might be leaving the office or even the industry in the future too, but hey that’s probably not why you’re here. You’re here because you want to survive the call center lifestyle.

call center ninja


Short story: This website is my tribute to the industry that honed my skills, and helped me grow not just as an employee, but also as an individual. It started with an idea that’s been brewing in my head for so long, and now finally, I’m taking the plunge to share a huge part of my life to the people who are willing to learn from my experiences. I also want to show people that a call center job can be long-term and that there is career growth when you just work hard-er to achieve it.

When I was working in a call center, I didn’t want to blog about work. Blogging was my creative outlet or my break from work. But now that I’m no longer working in a call center, I thought that it’s best to bring my idea to life because that means I won’t be talking about work anymore. I will be talking about my experiences and will be teaching some skills that I’ve acquired over the years.

I intend to keep things more personal and relatable rather than focus on technicalities. There are gazillion resources online about what a call center or BPO is. But my experiences are mine and I want to share it with you so that you too can make it through your challenging career.

My vision is to help build a community of call center professionals who are motivated to work and are successful in their chosen career paths. It may be a little ambitious don’t you think? But only with ambition and hard work do we achieve our greatest dreams. Blogging and video creation are powerful tools and I wish to use my platforms to hopefully reach the people who need help.

call center ninja


Nope, not ninja moves. If you’re new to the industry, you will learn so many sneaky stuff or things you shouldn’t be doing but some agents are doing anyway. 😉 They’re referred to as “ninja moves” but let’s redefine being a ninja. Why not say that being a ninja is doing what’s right to achieve his or her goal? Boring? Well, it’s your choice to make. 😉 *For complete blog disclaimer, this way please -> Disclaimer.

My mission is to help aspiring call center professionals and newbies to begin, enjoy, and survive their call center lifestyle + for them to continue to be motivated and successful in whatever they choose to achieve in the duration of their career.

These are the usual categories or topics you can expect.
5. HAVING FUN! (Because you’ll never survive without this.)

I’m also going to include resources, news or updates, and trends that might be of help to you. Plus I’m on to making inspirational videos, interviews, and call center hacks!

Now, you have to know that as your survival bestie, I’m here to help you navigate your call center lifestyle as much as I can with less to no stress. But then again, only you hold the choice to your life, not me, not anybody. I’m going to share my best practices as to how I survived and succeeded, but I’m never going to enforce or push my beliefs on you. At the end of the day, you have to know that you do you as long as you’re happy and you’re not putting others at a disadvantage.

So are you ready for your call center journey? I’m ready to help you! Let’s do this together!

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