How to be Fluent in Speaking English – VIDEO

Fluency is being able to do something with ease and expertise. When you are fluent in speaking the English language, that means you are able to express yourself well in English. Even though you don't have perfect grammar and pronunciation, if you speak with confidence and with complete sense in ...

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How to be Confident – VIDEO

Confidence does not happen overnight. It takes days, months, and even years to build it, but certainly, it can be done. It must be easier said than done, however when you put your heart into it, you too can build your confidence through time. I created a YouTube video about how to be confident a few ...

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7 Ways to Improve Your English Communication Skills

When you're working in a call center, whether in a voice or non-voice account, part of your training will likely be to improve your English communication skills. This is mostly applicable to accounts with clients overseas. One of the reasons the BPO offshore outsourcing industry has grown so much in ...

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